Corporate TV


Get professional help to work with audio-visual communication - we work closely together with a network of experienced, professional film and television people.

Please contact: +45 87 700 180 /

We offer:

  • Technical & conceptual consultants
  • Sales & rental of equipment
  • Training in use of equipment and audio-visual communication
  • Certification courses
  • Delivery of Technical Staff


Sale of equipment to corporate production

It is our goal to make sure that you have the right equipment that facilitates your individual and unique needs.

Rental of corporate production equipment

We have put together different production kits, that can fulfill almost every demand from high-end to easy ENG production.

Training in Film, TV and Video technique

We run courses in technique and production including HD Cameras, lighting, Sound, NLE Editing and post production.

Corporate content

Learn to tell your story and get you message across. Our courses help you to develop your ideas and turn them into corporate TV content.

Rent a pro

Sometimes you just need an experienced professional on your team or even a complete production team. As a service we open our network and help you find exactly the right team to solve almost any AV-production challenge.