1. Upgrade 1k and 2K lamps to LED

    Upgrade 1k and 2K lamps to LED

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    Convert Tungsten Arri ST1, De Sisti Leonardo 310/11 and 320/21 fresnel to modern LED. Brother, Brother and Sons made it possible to refit Arri ST1, De Sisti Leonardo 310/11 and 320/21 Fresnel with a new LED light engine. This refitting will...
  2. AREA 48 Review

    AREA 48 Review

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    Top Hollywood Lighting Designer Todd Heater and Gear guru Vincent Laforet tests AREA 48 LED light from BBS Lighting. Lighting Designer Todd Heater is often called upon to light up to 100 setups a day when he’s working on commercials or...
  3. ToonTV on air

    ToonTV on air

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    ToonTV is a TV channel for children, aged 2-8 years - a channel, which combines entertainment with intuitive learning for kids. Access to the channel requires neither dish nor complicated TV solutions. It is simply streamed via...
  4. Panasonic AJ-PX270

    Panasonic AJ-PX270

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    T he PX270 Includes the record button at the front of the camera. The new 1/3-inch 3MOS sensor system provides higher sensitivity with dramatic reduced voice. The PX270 has everything needed to capture the best shots. Included the...